Arms Marres

Arms Marres
in the Netherlands

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Arms Mares

Arms Mares
in the Netherlands

Both in North and South Europe, even in both the Dutch and the French-speaking area, are many name variations Marres. Alone in the province of Liège, there are ten mutually unrelated lineages. Two of these are discussed in the french section on: Blasons Mares de Liège. Here is another number of Liège arms and one Spanish. From coat of arms of whome the colors are unknown are painted in shades of gray.


De Mauro

Since the 13th century this family is recorded. Gerardus de Mauro is recorded in 1296 as a burgomaster of Maastricht, a Nicolaas de Mauro in 1365.
Seal of Nicolaas de Mauro in 1335: Dexter indented, in chief a blackamoor's head. (15)

Coat of arms de Mauro

Moers - Morees

This family lived since the 14th century in Veltweselt. Their name is also written as Moors and Morees. Their court was a fief of the house Dieteren, commonly considered to be a younger branch of the house of Limburg and they were related to this family.
Seal of Wijnant Moers, councilor of the court Van den Edelenbamt to Veltweselt in 1437: A lion and in a canton three roses. (16)

Coat of arms Moers

Moers - Moors

Old patrician family in Maastricht and Tongeren. They very likely stems from the Veltweselt family.

In the 17th century they were aldermen, jurors and burgomasters in both cities. There are multiple alliances with the gentry.
Coat of arms: Gold, three blackamoor heads. (16a)

Coat of arms Moers

The southern Netherlands

Massart de Mares

Seal of 1374.

Coat of arms: Quarterly, 1 and 3: barry of five and paly of seven; 2 and 4: three fusils. (10)

Coat of arms Masart de Mares

Willem de Mares

Seal of 1374.

Coat of arms: An eagle. (11)

Coat of arms Willem de Mares

Bertrand de Mares

Mayor of his court and the court of Jean and Remy de Mares, and of Maroye, widow of Henri Rennewart.

Seal of July 21, 1443.

Coat of arms: A fork with two teeth set in pale, accompanied in dexter a fleur de lis in sinestre a star of 6 points. (11a)

Coat of arms Betrand de Mares

Johan des Marets

Tenant la cour de Dame Marie de Bolland, dame de Jeneffe et châtelaine hérétiere de Waremme, chevaleresse.

Seal of March 9, 1453:

Coat of arms: Semé of lilies of France, with a canton, barry of eight. (11b)

Coat of arms Johan de Mares

de Maret - Demaret
Country of Liege.

Coat of arms: Gold, a rose gules, seeded or, barbed and leaved with four vert.(12)

Coat of arms de Maret

Jacques des Mares

Ennobled with the title Baron in 1663.

Coat of arms: Silver, a bend between two bouquet of three roses red green-stemmed every stem with a leaf green . Crest: one of the bouquets. (13)

Coat of arms des Mares

Des Marets

A family that provided two burgomasters in Huy.

Coat of arms : Gold, for red lilies, a canton pallied in six whithe and blue, on a bend red charged with three egs silver . (14)

Coat of arms des Marets

The northern Netherlands


The Northern Dutch family Moorrees is native from Eijsden and is recorded since 1454.
Coat of arms: Quarterly, I en IV: Blue, three blackamoor heads, II: green, three cherries silver, III: Silver, two addorsed barbels red.
18th century variants include in the third quarter a steering wheel, indicating their profession as Meuse skipper. (17)

Coat of arms Moorrees

De Marez, Marees

The Northern Dutch family de Marez, from which inter alia The families de Marez Oyens and Marees van Swinderen descend, is native from Antwerpen and settled in the early 17th century in Amsterdam. They pretendent to descend from the middle Age Cambray family de Mares. Since 1669 they beared the arms of this family: Blue, a scross silver, between four roses gold. Crest: a half Turk; Supporters: two griffins gold. (18)

Coat of arms de Marez

De Maret, de Marets

The family de Maret Tak bears: 1 en 3. Silver, a dead branch black; 2 en 3. Blue, a fess gold between in chief three stars with six points gold and in base a heron in its beak a snake staying upon a ground gold. (18)
They descend through a female line fom a family de Maret that at the end of the 17th century settled in Middelburg. Of the former Coat of arms de Maret no images or seals are known. (19) Rietstap mentions this Coat of arms with the name des Marets (Holl.).

Coat of arms de Maret


de Maret- Atrecht

The coat of arms of the old noble, already in the Middle Ages recorded, Atrecht family de Maret was token over by the the North Dutch family de Marrez. Later they used the coat of arms of the Cambray family Mares. Coat of Arms: Per fess, blue and silver, in chief three roses gold, in base two roses red. (18)

Coat of arms de Maret, Atrecht

de Mares - Kamerrijk

The Cambry family de Mares is a very old and noble. It goes back to 1096 when the ancestor joined the first crusade.

Coat of arms: Blue, a scross silver, between four roses gold. Crest: a griffon. (18)

Coat of arms Mares, Kamerrijk

Mares - Manduel

The French wine growers family Marès in Manduel near Nîmes has the following coat of arms:
Shield: Blue, a bend silver between three roses red in chief one in base two. Supporters: Two stags natural.
This will be described in more detail on: Coat of arms Mares in France.

Coat of arms Mares, Manduel, Franlrijk

Mares - Cissac-Medoc

Alix Marès is currently the gérante of the Château Puy Castera Cissac-Médoc in Bordeaux. This family marès is akin to that of Nîmes. On the the label of her wine called Chateau Marès is placed the following Coat of arms .
Shield: Blue, a bend silver between three golden hearts, one in chief and two in base.

Coat of arms Mares, Cissac-Medoc, Franlrijk



Blasón: En sinople una banda de oro.

Repertorio Blasones:
Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid. (20)

Coat of arms Mares, Spanje